Monday, June 13, 2011

Slutty Pregnant Belly Cake

 I was really busy this weekend getting ready and having my second daughters birthday party. So I couldn't possibly help out when my sister and law called and wanted a pregnant belly cake, for a baby shower she was helping out with. I felt really bad that I couldn't help, and even worse when she showed me what a local bakery gave her to mimic my cake that I had previously done for another shower. Y'all she was charged $112 for this.

The picture above is what she was given, the pregnant girl is wearing lingerie on this cake and it had nipples my sis in law took them off. The picture below is my cake, this is the picture they gave to the bakery to copy.

The bakery did the right thing by refunding her money, but my sister in law was for sure upset about this one!

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